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Valeriya Vertikova

Valeriya Vertikova

Age, from: 9, Orel

Diagnosis: type 1 diabetes mellitus

In 2012, Valeriya was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes of the first type. The girl needs constant supervision of doctors and has to regularly take insulin. To live a normal life, the child had to get an insulin pump which allows not to do daily injections of insulin. The insulin pump needs supplies which requires more than 8,000 rubles per month. Valeriya’s family is unable to keep buying the consumables. We ask you to help the sick child in payment for the supplies needed for Accu-Chek FlexLink Plus 8/40 infusion pump which cost 96,400 rubles.

Help rendered

Collected 96,400 for insulin pump consumables.

Incoming donations

23.01.2017 — Сарвардинов Талгат , 500р
13.01.2017 — Петренко Леонид , 500р
09.01.2017 — Смирнов В.Е., 86000р
09.01.2017 — Полхирева Елена , 700р
28.12.2016 — ИП Климанова Е.В. , 1000р
28.12.2016 — ELENA LOZOVAYA, 300р
28.12.2016 — Куликова Людмила , 20р
24.12.2016 — Леунин Станислав , 100р
22.12.2016 — Карабанова Анастасия , 100р
19.12.2016 — Арцишевская Арина , 100р
16.12.2016 — webmoney, 10$
13.12.2016 — webmoney онлайн казино, 150$
13.12.2016 — webmoney, 8.88$
06.12.2016 — Лахтин Виталий , 200р
06.12.2016 — Тарасов Дмитрий , 100р
06.12.2016 — Бекшенев Николай , 1000р
06.12.2016 — Карабанова Анастасия , 100р
05.12.2016 — Яндекс Деньги, 1300р




Insulin pump consumables paid for

The website of the charity Fund «Children of Earth» closes the collection of charitable donations for Valeriya Vertikova.
the girl has diabetes mellitus and requires consumables for her insulin pump. Thank you very much for your help! The money is collected.


Child with diabetes needs help

Charitable Foundation for children «Children of Earth», as well as all websites for sick children, provides assistance to children with different diseases. We pay for children’s treatment, medication, medical equipment, and now, a girl from Orel needs help paying for consumables for an insulin pump. The child has diabetes. The cost of consumables is 96,400 rubles.