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Pavel Vorobiev

Pavel Vorobiev

Age, from: 1.5 years old, Naberezhnye Chelny

Diagnosis: congenital heart disease, organic brain damage

t Immediately after birth he was diagnosed: congenital heart disease. The child underwent several complicated operations, after which he felt much better, but the operation in DRKB CNS not been in vain. The boy's family heard a new diagnosis: cerebral palsy, left-sided hemiparesis. But parents do not omit the hands and began to engage in the rehabilitation of the boy. The dynamics of the positive: the child was seated, firmly hold the head, smiling. The boy needed treatment in a clinical sanatorium of Ukraine Evpatoria value of 86,835 rubles. We very much hope that there are kind hearts in this world and Pavel will be healthy and happy child! Paid for treatment at the clinic Pasha Evpatoria worth 75,570 rubles