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Lena Yadrova

Lena Yadrova

Age, from: age 5, Moscow

Diagnosis: hypertension-hydrocephalic syndrome

t Lena has undergone several treatments in Samara. After rehab child began to sit, began to develop. Lena eats on her own, crawls, sings songs and recites poems. The family income is not enough for all required treatments of the child. Now the girl must undergo another treatment course, cost 30,440 rubles. Help the little girl!

Help rendered

Paid for Lena's treatment in LLC Reatsentr, Samara 30,440 rubles




Help rendered to Lena Yadrova

Today the Foundation for the Children "Children of Earth" to pay for treatment of Lena in LLC Reatsentr, Samara, 30,440 rubles. We wish Lena health and success!


Lena requires treatment

t Little girl Lena from Moscow urgently needs to undergo treatment in LLC Reatsentr (Samara). The treatment course is scheduled for January 24, 2011. It's within our power to help the girl!