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Yegor Yankov

Yegor Yankov

Age, from: 7, Moscow

Diagnosis: central nervous system damage

From a letter by Yegor’s mother: Ever since the diagnosis it has been hard to deal with Yegor’s physical and mental development. Yegor started to walk at the age of 4 but it’s still only a few faltering steps. In terms of mental health, Yegor is developing according to his age norm. He can already read, and write. When he is sitting you would never guess looking at him that he is seriously ill. But when Egor gets up and tries to walk you can’t watch him without tears.

It is within our power to help a sick child! Yegor needs treatment in a clinic. The cost is 134,000 rubles.

Help rendered

Collected 134,000 rubles for treatment.

Incoming donations

14.10.2016 — Вальмир Абдулов , 100р
15.09.2016 — Леунин Станислав , 100р
15.09.2016 — Арефьев Владимир , 500р
14.09.2016 — ELENA LOZOVAIA, 300р
09.09.2016 — webmoney онлайн казино, 150$
07.09.2016 — Смирнов В.Е. , 130000р
05.09.2016 — Игошин Илья , 100р
04.09.2016 — webmoney, 8.88$
04.09.2016 — Игошин Илья , 100р
02.09.2016 — Н Елена , 1500р
30.08.2016 — webmoney, 8.88$
22.08.2016 — Леунин Станислав , 100р
22.08.2016 — Скачков Петр, 1000р




Collected donations for Yegor Yankov

Charitable Foundation Children of Earth thanks all the donors who helped Yegor. The treatment of the sick child is paid.


Help a sick child!

Charitable Foundation for sick children Children of Earth begins collecting donations to pay for the treatment of Yegor Yankov from Moscow. The boy is suffering from central nervous system damage and he urgently needs treatment in a clinic. Cost is 134,000 rubles. Help a sick child!