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Abramov, Marat

Abramov, Marat

Age, from: 1 year, Krasnoyarsk

Diagnosis: Sepsis. Enterocolitis, an infectious etiology

In 2011, Marat's mother had already applied for assistance. We have raised necessary funds in a short time and helped the boy undergo treatment in Germany. Now Marat requires more rehabilitation. Looking at this wonderful little boy one just can't believe that he is seriously ill. Marat was born a healthy boy, but at the age of three months, he developed a high fever. Doctors diagnosed pneumonia and intestinal infections. This started all the suffering that continues to this day. Recently, the child's health again sharply deteriorated. The cost of treatment in a German clinic is 12,600 euros. Help Marat recover!

Help rendered

Paid for treatment in a German clinic, cost 12,600 Euro

Incoming donations

08.11.2012 — Авдеев М.Н., 2000р
08.11.2012 — Скороделова Е.В., 500р
06.11.2012 — Анонимно, 10000р
06.11.2012 — Урываева А.Ж., 7500р
06.11.2012 — Анонимно, 15000р
06.11.2012 — Веселов А.М., 50000р
06.11.2012 — Никонов Н.В., 75000р
05.11.2012 — Анонимно, 35000р
05.11.2012 — Виктор ( Assist ), 5000р
05.11.2012 — webmoney, 12000р
26.10.2012 — Ильнур Низамов ( Assist ), 500р
10.10.2012 — ИП Иванова Ю.И., 500р
07.10.2012 — webmoney ( от Канцыреевой Анны ), 53.39$
22.09.2012 — ИП Иванова Ю.И., 500р
14.09.2012 — Кузнецов Дмитрий ( Assist ), 1477р
10.09.2012 — Семенов А.А., 20000р
31.08.2012 — Кузнецов Дмитрий ( Assist ), 2500р
31.08.2012 — Васильева Т.В., 15000р
15.08.2012 — DMITRY KUZNETSOV ( Assist ), 1500р
08.08.2012 — ИП Иванова Ю.И., 500р
25.07.2012 — Красноруцкий Б.О., 2500р
18.07.2012 — webmoney, 5р
13.07.2012 — ИП Иванова Ю.И., 500р
13.07.2012 — Смирнов В.Е., 220000р
09.07.2012 — Анонимно, 5000р
02.07.2012 — Семёнов М.А. ( Assist ), 2000р
01.07.2012 — ИП Иванова Ю.И., 500р
25.06.2012 — Небога А.. ( Assist ), 1000р
19.06.2012 — Рощина А.С. ( Assist ), 1000р
14.06.2012 — Красноруцкий Б.О., 1500р
02.06.2012 — Gafurov A.. ( Assist ), 2000р
15.05.2012 — Сытая Л.. ( Assist ), 1000р
14.05.2012 — webmoney ( Интернет лотерея ), 200$




Paid for treatment of Marat Abramov. Fundraising is closed.

Moscow Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» has paid for treatment of Marat Abramov in Germany worth 12,600 euros. Fundraising was very difficult, but we managed to get money to pay for treatment. We thank our donors and volunteers who took part in the fate of the child. To Marat we wish good luck and success in treatment.


Attention! Only two days remain

Only two days remain until Marat Abramov needs to be hospitalized. Urgent donations needed. We don’t have enough to pay for treatment. Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» asks our sponsors and donors for help to a sick child. Marat has to be a treatment by seventh of November. There is no time.


Urgent! Not enough money for treatment of Marat Abramov

Marat is in an urgent need to go to the hospital for treatment, but unfortunately we were not able to collect the required amount. The health status of the boy deteriorated. Time to collect donations is almost over. The deadline is this week. We kindly ask all our contributors to come forward and help in raising funds for the child’s treatment. Very urgent and difficult situation. Marat Abramov's page.


News on health of Marat Abramov

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" would like to draw attention to our ward Abramov Marat. Today we talked to his mom over the phone. She is very concerned about the slow collection of donations for the treatment of Marat abroad. The boy has recently got worse, developed high fever, lost appetite and sleep. To make a donation to a child you should just choose a convenient way to donate on our website, in the payment specify the name of the child and do the transaction. We look forward to your help and support.


Marat Abramov needs your help again

Charitable Foundation for Children "Children of Earth" begins collecting donations for the second course of treatment of Marat in Germany. The cost of treatment is 12,600 euros. In 2011, thanks to our friends, volunteers and donors we were able to quickly raise funds to treat the boy. Now, Marat has to pass a second course of rehabilitation. Help this child become a healthier person!