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Nikita Boyev

Nikita Boyev

Age, from: 17, Yelets

Diagnosis: juvenile spondylitis

Nikita suffers from a very rare and dangerous disease. The boy needs constant care and is under medical supervision. Nikita was treated in the leading clinics in Russia. The boy’s condition was stabilized. Nikita requires monthly injections of a drug Humira which costs 77,000 rubles per month. This amount of money is simply daunting for his parents. Help the child!

Help rendered

Purchased Humira medication at the price of 77,000 rubles.

Incoming donations

24.10.2012 — Клещина Л.М., 500р
21.10.2012 — Красноруцкий Б.О., 2000р
18.10.2012 — Спиваков С.В., 1500р
18.10.2012 — Спиваков С.В., 500р
17.10.2012 — Кузнецова Н.А., 500р
17.10.2012 — Гостеева В.Ф., 500р
13.10.2012 — Мекаева Н.Н., 3350р
13.10.2012 — Москалев К.Н., 1000р
10.10.2012 — ООО "Липецкая Металлургическая Компания", 3000р
19.09.2012 — Куртукова О.В., 1000р
19.09.2012 — Красноруцкий Б.О., 3000р
13.09.2012 — Корлыхалов Андрей, 10000р
13.09.2012 — ТД Металлопокат, 15000р
27.08.2012 — webmoney, 119р
22.08.2012 — Кудрявцева Р.И., 500р
20.08.2012 — ЗАО "Бист", 5000р
08.08.2012 — Интернет-казино, 250$




Purchased drug Humira for Nikita Boev

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» (Moscow) has finished collecting donations for the purchase of medical drug Humira for Nikita Boev. The cost of medicine is 77,000 rubles. We heartily thank all the donors who helped the child. We wish Nikita more smiles and health.


Help a sick child

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» begins to raise funds to pay for a drug for Nikita Boyev. The cost of monthly injections is 77,000 rubles. The drug Humira is vital to Nikita. Only you can help the boy. All the information about the child and collected donations is on his personal page.