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Danila Idrisov

Danila Idrisov

Age, from: 11 years old, Lipetsk

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Danila was born with Down syndrome. From birth, he was often sick, and development has been slow. At the age of four, his mother brought Danila to Moscow to Professor Skvortsov. The treatment was very helpful, and since then every year Danila has been visiting the Moscow clinic. The boy is very eager to know all the new and interesting things. Treatment gives very good results. The child requires further treatment in professor Skvortsov’s clinic at a cost of 56,000 rubles. Let’s help the child together!

Help rendered

Paid 56,000 rubles for treatment in Skvortsov's clinic

Incoming donations

24.11.2012 — Самойленко М.С., 10000р
20.11.2012 — Смирнов В.Е., 10000р
16.11.2012 — ИП Лукьянчиков В.В., 10000р
14.11.2012 — ЗАО "Липецкстальмеханизация", 10000р
14.11.2012 — ООО "Модные окна и двери", 5000р
14.11.2012 — Проскурякова Е.А. , 500р
12.11.2012 — Интернет лотереи, 200$
10.11.2012 — ООО ТД "Металлопрокат", 15000р
10.11.2012 — Егорина Н.П, 500р
08.11.2012 — Чеботарева Э.В., 2000р
08.11.2012 — Скороделова Е.В., 500р
06.11.2012 — webmoney, 50р
03.11.2012 — Болдырева А.Н., 200р
31.10.2012 — Корлыханов А., 10000р




Fundraiser for treatment of Danil Idrisov closed

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth» thanks all our donors who responded to help raise funds for the treatment of Danila. The treatment will be paid for shortly and the child will go to the clinic. Thank you very much!


Help a child with Down syndrome

Charitable Foundation for Children «Children of Earth», Moscow began collecting donations for the treatment of Daniel Idrisov from Lipetsk in the clinic of Professor Skvortsov. The cost of rehabilitation is 56,000 rubles. The diagnosis of the boy is Down syndrome. Help the child to live a normal life. We can do it together! All information is on the boy’s personal page.