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The Children of the Earth Foundation opens the collection of donations for treatment of Lisa Panchenko

Lisa is a very cute and lovely child. At birth she had a brain hemorrhage. Now it is vital for the girl to seek treatment in Shamarin's rehab center, cost 81,000 rubles. Help the child to fight her disease!


Treatment of Milana Shvetsova is paid for

We have some good news. Today we have fully paid for treatment of Milana Shvetsova in Reatsentr LLC, Samara, at the cost of 56,300 rubles. We are grateful to all the donors who helped the girl. Treatment in Reatsetr really helps the child and gives hope for recovery. To Milana we wish success in treatment and more smiles.


Fully paid for treatment of Kira Farrahova

Today we have paid for treatment of Kira in LLC Reatsentre, a cost of 52,000 rubles. We wish to thank V. E. Smirnov for contributing most of the sum, and wish Kira successful treatment.


Fully paid for treatment of Veronica Cheremisina

Today the Foundation for the Children "Children of the Earth" paid for Veronica's treatment in LLC Reatsentre, a cost of 50,000 rubles. We wish Veronica every success in her fight against her illness. Also special thanks to V. E. Smirnov who has always supported our wards.


Happy Children's Day

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" congratulates you on the day. We wish you health, success and prosperity. Our foundation has participated in two festivals: the sports festival "Hurrah! Vacation!" and Charity Children's Art Festival "Flying in childhood." These activities were organized for children from social and rehabilitation centers, shelters and orphanages in Moscow and Moscow region. Foundation "Children of the Earth has always supported the children's and sporting events. We are pleased that we were able to deliver the children a lot of pleasure and joy. No one left without gifts. We are grateful to Children's production center Names Productions for the excellent organization of the festival" Flight of childhood. Photos from the festival can be found in our photo gallery.


Paid for treatment of Arseniy Aksenov in Germany

Condition of the child has deteriorated sharply. It was necessary to accelerate the trip to Germany for treatment. Today, the boy's mother has received 314,000 rubles, and the rest of it will be added from the family funds. Parents of Olga Alexandrova requested to transfer money collected for her daughter to Arseny. We wish Arseny every success in treatment and look forward to good news. Expect further news on the future of the boy.


Urgent need help paying for treatment of Pauline Petrusevich

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of Earth" begins collecting donations for the treatment of Polina in Germany. The girl has a congenital vascular pathology. She has a bleeding wound on her knee. The child lives in constant pain. Treatment cost 6,300 euros. Please respond and help Polina return to normal life!


Olya Alexandrova died

Today Olya Alexandrova died in Lipetsk. We all hoped and believed that she would overcome the disease. But alas ...

We remember and mourn ...


Fundraising to pay for treatment of Milana Shvetsova is now open

Milana is a very inquisitive and lovely girl. From birth she is struggling with her illness. Now the girl must undergo treatment in LLC Reatsentre priced at 56,300 rubles. Please do not remain on the sidelines and help the girl find her happiness!


Children of the Earth Foundation opens the collection of donations for Veronica Cheremisina

Veronica struggles with terrible illness since her birth. She does not walk, cannot sit or talk. Now she must undergo treatment at Reatsentr LLC priced at 50,000 rubles. Please respond and help in the treatment of a sick child.


Paid for treatment of Masha Bezgina

We have fully paid for treatment Masha Bezgina in LLC Reatsentr, Samara cost 53,650 rubles. We are grateful to V. E. Smirnov who helped pay for the bulk of the required amount for treatment. We wish Masha every success in the treatment and victories over the disease.


Update on Olya Aleksandrova

Due to a parents' request we have stopped collecting funds for the treatment of Olya Aleksandrova in Germany. The girl is currently in the Lipetsk Children's Hospital, she had a surgery and is currently in a critical condition. She cannot breathe on her own and is untransportable. Further information will be published as it becomes available.


Foundation begins collecting funds to purchase test strips for a sick child

Matvey was born with a diseased heart. The child has already had two complicated heart surgeries in Moscow. A difficult surgery to replace heart valves is awaiting him. The child vitally needs test strips for determining blood coagulation (value of 31,350 rubles). Help the sick child!


April Saturday at Children's Hospital

April 20 at Lipetsk Children's Rehabilitation Hospital held a charity event, Saturday "Clean Planet for children." The organizer of the event were Charity Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth and the Environment student team of Lipetsk State Technical University. The boys spent cleaning the hospital grounds, dug trees and shrubs, removed garbage and last year's leaves, washed the windows in the wards. Despite the cold weather and snow all the work was done. Following the work of the students were treated to great pizza baked by hospital cooks and, of course, hot tea.


Fundraising for the treatment Arseniy Aksenov in Germany

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" opens the collection of funds for the trip of Arseniy to Germany for medical treatment. Diagnosis: diabetes, epilepsy. Material condition of the family absolutely does not allow the family themselves to pay for the treatment. Therefore, we appeal to all good people, our associates and friends to help the little Arseny in combating the disease.


Help for a large family

Yesterday Foundation for Children "Children of the Earth" has given two packages of diapers to Valentina Kuznetsova to care for a disabled child. Valentine is a morher of three. In addition to a sick child, there are two more. She expressed her deep gratitude to the foundation and all the staff for their understanding and human warmth. We hope that somehow helped Valentina in her hard work, raising her children.


Treatment of Ivan Shamanaev is fully financed

Dear friends! We have good news. Today we have fully paid for treatment of Ivan in the Crimea. We thank our longtime friend and assistant Vitaliy who helped to pay for the treatment. Vitaliy, may God bring you health and success! To little Ivan we wish victory over his illness!


Foundation begins fundraising for treatment of Valya Mishkina

Today we begin collecting donations for the treatment of Valya Mishkina in Izhevsk, cost 24,400 rubles. The girl needs a lot of rehabilitation to achieve the desired results. At the moment, this small amount is the next step in the treatment of Vali. Help the girl to fight her disease!


Treatment of Vera Skorokhodova is paid for

Today we have paid 31,600 rubles for the treatment of Vera Skorokhodova in the clinic of Dr. Padko. We wish to thanks all benefactors who made it possible for the girl to continue her battle with her disease. We wish her success and health.


Raising funds for treatment of Masha Bezgina

The Children of Earth Foundation begins collecting donations for the rehabilitation of Masha Bezgina from the Saratov region in Reatsentr LLC, Samara cost, 53,650 rubles. The diagnosis is epilepsy. Thanks to the efforts of her family the girl is constantly undergoing treatments. The child has the positive dynamics, so we ask you not to remain indifferent and help Masha.
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