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Fully paid for Daniil Gusev's surgery in Germany

After further consultations with the German doctors the place and payment amount have changed. University Hospital of Greifswald is waiting for Daniil and his mother on February 23. The surgery is scheduled for February 24, 2011. The cost of treatment is 3480 euros. We thank everyone who responded to Daniil's troubles and helped the child's family to pay for the operation. We wish them success.


Urgent help needed for a child with Down syndrome

Foundation "Children of the Earth" opens the collection of donations for the treatment of Milena Kovalchuk in LLC Reatsentr, Samara, cost of 51,700 rubles. Milana is just two months old and she really needs your help!


Help children with cerebral palsy

Charitable foundation "Children of Earth" starts to collect funds for treatment sisters Vika and Lisa in LLC Ogonyok worth 300,000 rubles. The girls show positive dynamics after treatment and there is every chance of them becoming productive members of society. Help Lisa and Vika to a full life!


Child is dying from brain cancer

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" opens the collection of funds for radiation chemotherapy for Olga Alexandrova worth 46,500 euros. In autumn 2010 the girl from the city of Lipetsk was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now the child urgently need treatment in a German clinic. Child is dying. Help Olga survive!


Fully paid for treatment of Stas Kolmagorov

Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" has fully paid for treatment of Stas Kolmagorov in LLC Reatsentr, Samara, cost 51,000 rubles. The treatment was financed by our regular contributor and friend Vitaly, to whom we express our sincere gratitude for the assistance. For the results of treatment and further condition of Stas follow our news.


A boy from Vladikavkaz need your help

Attention! Charitable fund "Children of the Earth" opens the collection of funds for treatment of Sarmat Tuaev from Vladikavkaz. The boy is an urgent need to undergo treatment in Moscow. Treatment cost is 71,100 rubles. His mother is single and is unable to fully treat the child. Help the boy find a chance to enjoy a full life!


Help rendered to Lena Yadrova

Today the Foundation for the Children "Children of Earth" to pay for treatment of Lena in LLC Reatsentr, Samara, 30,440 rubles. We wish Lena health and success!


Fully paid for verticalizer for Lenya, cost 38,900 rubles

t We have good news. Charitable fund "Children of the Earth" has fully paid for verticalizer for Lenya Schelkonogova from the Sverdlovsk region worth 38,900 rubles. We are grateful for the assistance of A.V. Khripunkov. To Lena we wish health and success!


Fundraising for treatment of Stas Kolmagorov is open

Today Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" opens the collection of funds for treatment of Stas Kolmagorov from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The cost of treatment is 50 000 rubles. Help the child live a normal life!


First charity in 2011

t Dear friends! It is now 2011. This year our charitable foundation has a lot to do, we have extensive plans of charity events, which aim to help sick children. The year has just begun and we already have the first results. Today we were able to fully pay for the treatment of Arseniy Menkov, worth 142,000 rubles. We express sincere thanks to Vitaly Smirnov from St. Petersburg, who helped to pay for Arseny's treatment.


Happy New Year!

t !(fltrt)tree.jpg! Dear friends! Another year of our work, our life, our survival and our recovery is coming to an end. 2010 was difficult for our children under our care and their parents. This year they underwent surgeries, difficult treatments, rehabilitation. They bravely fought the disease and sought to defeat them. We were happy together with the families about even small victories over their diseases. It would be impossible without you, our dear friends, associates and benefactors! We heartily thank all those who in our difficult time helps to those in need, who are interested and do not remain indifferent to the fate of seriously ill children. We express our sincere thanks to our regular contributors: Vitaly Gordeeva J., Podkovyrova OA, Gepfert ME and Gepfert VE, Abramov, IV, Averyanova VN, Lunyaka VN, Koshcheev RV, Martini,, and many of those who responded to the pain of others, who are no stranger to compassion and mercy. Thank you! Happy New Year 2011! We wish health to you and your family, success, luck and prosperity. Let our children recover never get sick no matter what!


New Year celebration in the Lipetsk Municipal Specialized Children's Home

t !(fltrt)th:/store/page/photogallery/20101228-dom-rebenka/04.jpg! On December 28 we hosted a New Year's holiday in the Lipetsk Municipal Specialized Children's Home. We congratulated the hospital staff too. Our foundation gave the children a bag of toys. The kids danced and sang along with Santa Claus, rejoiced and clapped when a jolly clown. These children have no parents and therefore the Orphanage staff (Chief doctor L. B. Sharapova) gives all the warmth of these kids. To everyone present at the festival we wanted to give at least a modicum of love and tenderness of the little bits and pieces that have such a difficult fate. Happy New Year!


Paid for treatment of Glafira Belkina

t Today we paid for treatment of Glafira Belkina in the Institute of Medical Technology, Moscow, cost 42,000 rubles. We wish Glafira success in her battle with disease.


Fully paid for treatment of Vlada Samsonova

t Today we paid for treatment of Vlada Samsonova in Reatsentr LLC, Samara, at the cost of 27,950 rubles. This is made possible by our regular contributor and friend Vitaly, whom we express our profound gratitude for his continued support of our wards. Fundraising for Vlada Samsonova is now closed.


Daniil Gusev need help

t Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" now opens the collection of funds for surgery in Germany for Daniil Gusev. Cost of surgery is 10,000 euros. The boy's diagnosis is detached retina. The child can see nothing. Your help is needed urgently!


Vladimir Putin meets volunteers

t 25,000 volunteers will be helping guests and participants at the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. Volunteers will be trained at special centres at large universities. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has promised state assistance to volunteers. At a meeting with young volunteers, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pointed out that the state should support noble impulses and there should be certain incentives for the development of the volunteer movement. He promised that the government will consider the issues of the reimbursement of travel fares and medical insurance. But Vladimir Putin stressed that volunteers first of all should be guided by their hearts. Vladimir Putin wished the volunteers success in everything they do, both in assisting the work of important sport, public and political events and in helping those who just need human support, which is just as important.


Day of Disabled Persons in Children's Rehabilitation Hospital

t !(fltrt)th:/store/page/photogallery/20101203/CAM_0259.jpg! On December 3 a holiday devoted to Day of Disabled Persons was held in the Children's Rehabilitation Hospital. The organizers were Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" and Festive agency "Celebration of Childhood." Children were treated to a show of trained dogs and pigeons. Funny contests were accompanied by children's songs and laughter guys. At the end of the holiday all the children got presents. The boys will remember for a long time this merry holiday. Our foundation gave the hospital medical supplies.


Timur Taychinov's treatment financed today

t We have collected the funds necessary to pay for the treatment of Timur Taychinov in Reatsentr (Samara) at the cost of 26,250 rubles. We would like to thank everybody who made this possible.


Raising funds for Schelkonogov Lenya

t Today we open a fundraiser to pay for the verticalizer for Schelkonogov Lenya from the Sverdlovsk region. The boy suffered severe brain injury after an accident. The cost of the verticalizer is 38 900 rubles. Help the boy in the struggle for life!


Rendered help for Tarasova Lolita

t We are pleased to inform you that an insulin pump for Tarasova Lolita was fully paid for (cost 99 317.61 rubles). Lolita helped our regular contributor Vitaliy, who has long supported our children. We heartily wish success and health of Lolita, and express our sincere gratitude to Vitaly for helping sick children.
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