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Raising funds for the treatment of Arseniy Menkov

t Attention! Today the Foundation for the Children "Children of the Earth" opens the collection of funds for the treatment of Arseniy Menkov from the Moscow region in the center of Ogonyok (Elektrostal). The cost of treatment is 142.000 rubles. All the information about the child is on our website on his page.


Raising funds for Vlada Samsonova

t Today we open a fundraiser for the treatment of Samsonova Vlada in Samara Reatsentr, a cost of 27,950 rubles. Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis. We ask you to respond to another's grief, and to render any assistance possible in the treatment of girls!


Social Entrepreneurship in Russia

t Public Council of the City of Moscow, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce, International Business School MCCI invite you to participate in the conference as part of the educational-research project "Social Entrepreneurship in Moscow: Experience, Problems and Prospects." The Conference will be held November 18, 2010 in the conference hall of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce at Sharikopodshipnikovskaya st., 38/1, beginning at 11:00.


Signed an agreement with the Luberetskiy shelter for children

t !(fltrt)th:/store/child/luberecky-priyut/img_1725_s.jpg! Last week, our foundation has signed an agreement on the patronage of and collaboration with Luberetskiy social rehabilitation centers for juveniles (Moscow region). At the moment the children center in dire need of a bus for transportation, office equipment, furniture, household appliances, equipment, children's playground.


Lena requires treatment

t Little girl Lena from Moscow urgently needs to undergo treatment in LLC Reatsentr (Samara). The treatment course is scheduled for January 24, 2011. It's within our power to help the girl!


Fundraising for Danila Stepanov from Samara now open

t We open the fundraising for treatment of Danila Stepanov from Samara. He needs to undergo treatment at the Ogonyok center worth 142,000 rubles. Help the child live a normal life!


Raising funds for Lolita Tarasova

t Attention! We are now raising funds to purchase an insulin pump (cost 140,000 rubles) for Lolita Tarasova from the Orenburg region. The girl's life is a continuous suffering, and is in our power to help her.


Treatment for Kirill Gnezdilov fully paid for

t Today we have fully paid for treatment of Kirill Gnezdilov in Moscow worth 132,940 rubles. During the fundraising the treatment cost rose slightly, but this did not prevent us help Kirill and give hope to his family. We express our sincere gratitude to all the donors who helped raise funds for the rehabilitation of the boy.


Fundraising for treatment of Irina Pozhidaeva is now open

t Attention! Fundraising for treatment of Irina Pozhidaeva from Krasnodar Territory is open today. Her diagnosis is cryptogenic epilepsy. It is necessary to collect 50 000 rubles for the course of treatment. Help the child find happiness!


Paid for treatment of Tikhon Shalamov

t We have fully paid the treatment of Tikhon Shalamov in Moscow. Treatment of the boy paid for our regular contributor Vitaliy, to whom we express our sincere gratitude for the regular assistance.


Charity event in the cafe "Island of Captain Flint"

t !(fltlft)th:/store/page/photogallery/20101011-kulikov/03.jpg! October 10 at Cafe Island of Captain Flints charity event in support of Denis Kulikov social dinner. The organizer of the shares were Charity Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" and a group of volunteers. Each participant shares to make donations and receive a certificate for tea or coffee. At the rally attended by himself and Dennis with his mother and sister Leroy. Cafe Guide gave Dennis an inflatable sword and helmet. We thank all those who helped organize this campaign and especially those who have not passed by and made donations. Thank you all very much.


We need volunteers to write articles on the site

t Charitable Foundation for Children, "Children of the Earth" is looking for like-minded volunteers who can help us to develop and promote our forum and blog. If you have any interesting ideas relating to the themes of charity, contact us and we will publish your article in our blog "The Children of the Earth." Particularly acute, we need a person fluent in English. You can also register on our forums and talk about it to his friends and acquaintances. We welcome your ideas and suggestions to our mail:


We accept donations through Qiwi terminals

t Now you can make your donations to the treatment of sick children through payment terminals Qiwi, which are located throughout the country in malls, department stores, gas stations and other places of mass stay of people. Qiwi terminals are easily recognizable by the appearance of the interface that hosts the bright logo and brand symbol - bird Kiwi. Make a donation through the terminal Qiwi very simple. The interface of the terminal to choose the "Payment for services, then" Other services ", then click the" Charity "and select the Fund" Children of the Earth " (see below) . Enquiry Service Qiwi: +7 800 333 0059. Thank you for your compassion and help sick children!


We now accept credit card donations via Assist

t Dear friends! Today our foundation accepts donation via Assist. Now you can help sick children using their credit cards. Payment by bank card is made by forwarding to the website of electronic payments Assist. The system ASSIST Payment security is ensured by using SSL protocol for transmitting confidential information from client to server system ASSIST for further processing. Further transmission via closed banking networks highest degree of protection. Collection and processing of client's confidential data (card details, registration information, etc.) produced in the processing center, not on the Foundation's website. Thus, the Foundation for the Children "Children of the Earth" can not get personal and bank data client, including information on its purchases in other shops. To protect data from unauthorized access during transmission from the client to the server system ASSIST protocol used SSL 3.0, a server certificate (128 bit) has been issued by Thawte - a recognized certificate authority. Helping our wards became even easier and easier. Simply go to the page plastic cards and follow the instructions.


Charity event in support of Denis Kulikov

t !(fltlft)th:05.jpg! September 25 in a cafe "Baskin Robbins" charity event in support of Denis Kulikov - "social lunch". Organizer of the action made by the Children Foundation "Children of the Earth" and a group of volunteers. Each participant of the action coming in the cafe to buy coffee or tea. Its price was 40 rubles, and the protesters bought it for 150 rubles. The money went to a personal account of Dennis. Special thanks to our foundation is volunteers Morhovoy Tyurikovoy Victoria and Anastasia. And, of course, all the people who came to the cafe and were not indifferent to the child's illness. All thanks a lot!


Culinary feast for children from Tupperware

t !(fltlft)th:DSC07145-800x600.jpg! Company Tupperware®, the world-renowned manufacturer of premium cookware for the home and kitchen, 13 September met a friendly culinary competition among school students Inclusive Education № 1447 in Moscow.

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Paid for treatment of Andrei Kharitonov

t Today, we fully paid treatment Andrei Kharitonov in the Center of Medical Technologies, Novosibirsk worth 45.500 rubles. Many thanks to all the donors who took active part in the destiny of the child.
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